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It’s hard to imagine combining ‘cheap’ and ‘Europe’ in one sentence but it is possible. If you’re looking to travel to Europe without breaking the bank then it is best that you read on. How does one travel to Europe without shelling out big bucks? How does one find the cheapest way to get to Europe?


1. Travel Before June — a lot of airlines increase rates by June (usually on the first day of June) as this is the start of the travel peak season. The earlier your travel date the cheaper the tickets are, but make sure to book in advance. Avoid travelling in the periods of June and August as these are months where fare rates almost double.

2. For Students, avail of the student price in some consolidator websites such as or — search for student prices when booking for tickets and enjoy the discounts. Just make sure you’re below 25 and you can produce identification and student credentials when necessary.

3. Be Flexible with Your Dates — indicate that your flight dates are flexible when buying a ticket and see the price drop.

4. Choose Your Airports Well — for your point of entry and exit, the larger airports are usually more cost effective. Choose a large airport for your entry to the country and take a bus or train to your destinations. You save a lot of cash but the land travel may eat up your time.

5. If You’re From Asia Then You Can Certainly Go By Train — you can head up to China and find your way to Mongolia where you can take the Trans-Siberian Rail all the way to Russia. This route is ideal for backpackers looking for adventure who have the time to rough it out. Prepare your cold gear as temperatures are freezing in these parts of the world.

6. Hitchhike North — start out in, say, Iran or and hitchhike your way up north. Along the way you will pass through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. As you head up north you can choose between Azerbaijan and Turkey as your point of entry to Europe.

These are just a few tips for the budget-conscious traveler with their eyes set on Europe. You can travel economically with enough planning and patience coupled with the right mindset.  Aside from heeding our advice, it is helpful to research and talk to travelers who have done Europe adventures the cheap way. Bon voyage!

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