Ares God of War Facts – What you do not know

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Ares is considered to be the God of war. He is also one of the Olympian gods and there are almost twelve of them. He was the offspring of Hera and Zeus. There is a tenfold of interesting Ares God of War Facts that can be learned. In the world of literature alone, Ares will be the one to represent violence. He has this physical aggressiveness as far as war is concerned. This is contrasting with that of Athena. The latter on the other hand is the representation of generalship and even military strategy. She is dubbed as the goddess of intelligence.

Despite the fact that Ares is responsible in embodying the physical aggression required to be successful in any sort of war there is, there were still Greeks who were somehow in contradiction to Ares since he was perceived as dangerous. He could be pretty overwhelming too most especially as a force which is insatiable for battle.

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Being the faithful lover of Aphrodite, who was then with Hephaestus, he became popular for such relationship too. In Literature, the roles he play may be really restricted and limited. Whenever he is in myth, he is always submerged into a deep sense of humiliation. For instance, there was this famous story about Aphrodite and Ares being exposed by the gods to be ridiculed because both of them were trapped naked by Hephaestus. A clever device was utilized for this.

In Roman, the counterpart of Ares would have to be Mars. He was popular for being the Roman People’s father. Since this was his image, he was not really aggressive. This shows in his physical form as well. This even reveals a calmer side of a god. His demeanor was understood like this.

With the aforementioned in the scene, it can be claimed that Ares has the reputation of unpleasantness as far as war is concerned or talked about. This is true even if he is known as the God of War. Aside from this, despite being the son of Hera and Zeus, he was still deeply loathed by his parents. This was true according to the accounts made by Homer. In contrary to what he was known for, Ares can be coward at some point. This is true as far as wars are talked about. He would respond lightly whenever there is an injury for any sort of outrage. This is another.

There are some sources describing Ares as the lover of Aphrodite. This was the main reason why he would always be condemned by Hephaestus. This was no longer a taboo, nor a secret to the whole Olympians. When it comes to being famous, Ares was never one. This is true both for men and immortals. This was the main reason for his not so widespread and even substantial worship in most Greece. Coming from that of Thrace, his bird will always be seen as his vulture. There was even a time when Ares was imprisoned by these two giants named Epilates and Otus.

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