Homeopathic Treatments for Whooping Cough

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Magnesia Phosphorica and Cina for Whooping Cough

Magnesia phosphorica is a homeopathic treatment that works best for those with whooping cough that starts off with symptoms that are similar to that of a common cold. Soon this leads to convulsions as well as other symptoms that affect the nervous system. Those who will benefit from this treatment tend to have more severe coughing, and may have a swollen face that begins to turn blue as they cough.

Cina works best for those with whooping cough who have rigidity that affects the body. Children who will benefit from this homeopathic treatment tend to suffer from all-over stiffness as well. Those who will benefit from cina often grind their teeth during sleep, and digestive upset is also common.

Sanguinaria Nitrate and Kali Bichromium for Whooping Cough

Sanguinaria nitrate is a homeopathic treatment that works well for those with whooping cough who have a sore, raw throat. Sanguinaria nitrate works best for those who also suffer from a headache that won’t seem to go away that accompanies their whooping cough.

Kali bichromium works well for a hoarse cough and difficulty breathing during coughing. This homeopathic treatment should only be taken by those who have expectoration that is yellow and stringy. Those who will benefit from this homeopathic treatment tend to have a cough that worsens when eating or immediately after eating.

Many people do not feel comfortable taking any type of medicine, whether that medicine be natural or not, without medical consultation. Luckily, licensed homeopaths are readily available in many cities, and in many rural areas as well. For those who feel comfortable selecting their own homeopathic medicine, these remedies can be found at many large, chain grocery stores, vitamin shops and online.

Sofia Vergara’s Wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmy Awards was Epic

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Sofia Vergara usually graces the red carpet in a dress where her breasts are somehow exposed. So far, she has not suffered from any wardrobe malfunction in that area. She suffered one though during the Emmy Awards where her green dress popped open in the butt area. Sofia Vergara’s wardrobe malfunction would not have been revealed if not for her Instagram post. She really made fun of that moment.

No one would have known Sofia suffered from a wardrobe malfunction, but she actually tweeted it, including the photo of the ripped dress.

Sofia even made fun of the moment with Ellen after it happened. This is why people just adore Sofia. She can turn terrifying moments into something fun.

Sofia was lucky to have an emergency team who helped her fix her wardrobe when it got ripped just moments before she took the stage to receive an award.

Sofia was seen partying with other stars after the show as if nothing happened. She really handled the moment like a pro.

Sofia also had a wardrobe malfunction moment in Modern Family, but it was scripted this time around. it was a very funny episode though.

It won’t be Sofia Vergara if not for her risky wardrobe choices. She always knows how to wow the crowd in various red carpet appearances.

Obviously, the embarrassing moment didn’t stop Sofia from wearing sexier clothes. She is just one hell of a confident woman!


Although it was the butt area that suffered from wardrobe malfunction during the Emmy’s, it is actually the breast area that is always at risk considering her fashion choices.

When she wore this dress, it was one of those moments when you thought something could go wrong. The design could have easily exposed her breasts.

For some actors, a wardrobe malfunction could be an embarrassing moment, but not for Sofia. She has the ability to turn anything into something we can all laugh about.

Get a Glimpse of Iggy Azalea’s Tattoos and Know What They Mean

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Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper who became famous for her songs Work and Fancy. She was born Amethyst Amelia Kelly on June 7, 1990 in Sydney Australia. The singer moved to the United States when she was only 16 years old to pursue a musical career. Apart from her music and sexy figure, she also gets a lot of attention because of her tattoos. Let’s take a look at some Iggy Azalea’s tattoos and get to know their meaning.

The 26-year old rapper had the inspirational words “Trust Your Struggle” tattooed on her right forearm back in 2010. This quote inspired her as it reminded her of her struggles before making it on top.

Azalea also has a flower tattoo near her wrist, which symbolized her name, as it was an azalea flower. Azalea was also the name of the street where she grew up.

She had a small flower tattoo covered up with the Birth of Venus tattoo, which was inspired by Botticelli’s painting in 1946.

While the painting of Botticelli inspired the goddess tattoo, she had it tattooed with a twist as she made it look like a Disney princess.

The Bounce singer had the words “LIVE.LOVE.A$VP” tattooed on her left middle, ring, and pinky finger. This was inspired by the mixtape that her ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky made.

Azalea and A$VP Rocky dated from 2011 to 2012. After their break-up, she had the A$VP tattoo crossed out, instead of having it removed.

She also had the words “The New Classic” tattooed on her right middle, ring, and pinky finger. This was the name of her album that debuted under a major label.

The Australian rapper also had the words “Colour Me Free” tattooed on her feet. This expressed how she wanted to go out of their small town as a kid so as not to be stuck there for life.

She also has a tattoo of a blindfolded horse. It’s not a surprise that she got this one, as the artist is open about her love of horses.

She also sported a sleeve tattoo on her right arm, which people had the first glimpse of when she attended GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2016. Azalea hasn’t shared yet what the tattoo means.

Lentils Nutrition Facts- What you can get

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If dried beans are to be compared, it can be said that these lentils are the easiest to prepare. This may be quick actually. This is the case because a wide array of flavors may be absorbed easily by the mentioned. This is true when there are other seasonings and foods involved in the scene. What is even good is that Lentils nutrition facts are promising. This is not hard to get because it does not select or choose any season at all. It will only take a matter of knowing how it is going to be prepared and for sure, that is it.

More about Lentils

Lentils are always legumes. They go in line with other types of beans available around. As a matter of fact, they can always grow in pods. These may come with either one, or even two lentil seeds. These are round. There are those that are heart-shaped or even oval shaped. The disks may be smaller at some point. This can have the resemblance of a pencil eraser. This is sometimes sold whole, there are instances when it is in split. It may be separated in two halves. The green and brown varieties are also the best. They can still have the same shape after they are cooked. This is one of their features.

1200px-3_types_of_lentil.jpg (1200×675)

The health benefits

Lentils may be small. However, it cannot be denied that they have a ton of advantages in them. They will not be a member of the legume family without a valid and proper reason. This is for sure. This is always a good and reliable source of cholesterol. This is one sort of fiber. This will not only be of aid in lowering the cholesterol. This may be of a special benefit in the management of sugar level. This may be observed even after a meal. However, this is quite far from that of other Lentils. Lentils may always provide excellent amount of important minerals. There may also be protein and B-vitamins. These do not come with any virtual fat at all. What is the cost of the nutrition anyway? There may be 230 calories for the entire cup of looked Lentils. Even the nutritional giant may fill anyone up, not out then.

In terms of Fiber – Lentils are always packed with a ton. The charts will always be led by these legumes. They will always be on the top of the list. Lentils, as compared to beans, are also rich in a ton of dietary fiber all the time. There is a soluble and insoluble type of this. Basically, the soluble fiber is the one that forms a gel-like substance. This is true in the digestive tract of the person through the snare bile. This normally ferries out on the body. There are many research studies that say that this insoluble fiber help in the increasing of stool bulk. This is ideal in the prevention of constipation as well as helping in disorders in the digestive tract such as diverticulosis and irritable towel.

With Asthma, Perception Isn’t Always a Reality: Elevate Your Expectations for Asthma Control

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But in the case of asthma control, if you don’t know certain basic facts, your perception of your health may be incorrect, and you could end up in the emergency room

Your Expectations and Goals for Controlled Asthma

So just what is controlled asthma and what goals and expectations should you set for yourself? If asthma is under control, you should be able to:

  1. Remain free of asthma symptoms both day and night. You should be able to sleep through the night without disturbances due to asthma symptoms.
  2. Maintain normal activity levels. Are you missing school or work due to asthma? Can you participate in sports activities and perform day-to-day tasks like climbing a flight of stairs without experiencing asthma symptoms? If not, you need to reevaluate your expectations.
  3. Control your asthma without going to the emergency room or hospital.Your asthma is definitely out of control if hospital visits are necessary at any time.
  4. Attain normal or near-normal lung function. You should be able to breathe like someone who doesn’t have asthma or other lung problems. You can make this judgement by using a peak flow meter. If you don’t have one, you should.
  5. Experience little or no side effects from asthma medicines. If the medicines you take for asthma make you feel bad, speak to your doctor

Scene2_NormalAirway_Final.jpg (1024×576)

Great Expectations for Children and Adolescents

Your expectations for your child should be no less than the five listed above, in addition to the following:

  1. A child must avoid asthma triggers (such as allergens) and follow an exercise program so that he or she is not limited by recurrent asthma symptoms.
  2. Foster the emotional health of your child so he thinks of himself as a healthy person, not a sick one, and is confident of his or her ability to confront challenges and succeed.

Teach your child to recognize the subtle signs of asthma and to tell you when they occur. And help him use a peak flow meter and asthma diary to gather the information you need to identify when asthma is getting worse.

Expectations for the Elderly

The overriding goal for seniors with asthma is to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. However, keep in mind that because of the following, asthma control can be challenging:

  1. The effects of coexisting medical conditions can complicate a senior’s ability to recognize asthma symptoms.
  2. Lung function expectations for seniors typically need to be lowered since this function naturally decreases as a person ages.
  3. Age-related changes in the body may increase the risk of adverse side effects from medications.
  4. And because seniors may take a number of medications for various ailments, the chance for drug interactions increases.

The good news is that compliance with prescribed treatment plans is generally better with seniors than with younger asthma patients. Generally, if seniors are armed with a basic knowledge about asthma, along with clear instructions for correct medication use and peak flow monitoring, appropriate goals can be realized.

Set Realistic Goals Based on Reality

Don’t let false perceptions impair your ability to achieve asthma control. If you arm yourself with a basic knowledge about asthma, its subtle signs and symptoms, information about current treatments and medications, and an understanding of how to use objective measures of lung function like peak flow monitoring, you will have the tools needed to realize and establish a set of realistic goals.

Ares God of War Facts – What you do not know

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Ares is considered to be the God of war. He is also one of the Olympian gods and there are almost twelve of them. He was the offspring of Hera and Zeus. There is a tenfold of interesting Ares God of War Facts that can be learned. In the world of literature alone, Ares will be the one to represent violence. He has this physical aggressiveness as far as war is concerned. This is contrasting with that of Athena. The latter on the other hand is the representation of generalship and even military strategy. She is dubbed as the goddess of intelligence.

Despite the fact that Ares is responsible in embodying the physical aggression required to be successful in any sort of war there is, there were still Greeks who were somehow in contradiction to Ares since he was perceived as dangerous. He could be pretty overwhelming too most especially as a force which is insatiable for battle.

nicholas-elias-elias-aresgodofwar.jpg (800×800)


Being the faithful lover of Aphrodite, who was then with Hephaestus, he became popular for such relationship too. In Literature, the roles he play may be really restricted and limited. Whenever he is in myth, he is always submerged into a deep sense of humiliation. For instance, there was this famous story about Aphrodite and Ares being exposed by the gods to be ridiculed because both of them were trapped naked by Hephaestus. A clever device was utilized for this.

In Roman, the counterpart of Ares would have to be Mars. He was popular for being the Roman People’s father. Since this was his image, he was not really aggressive. This shows in his physical form as well. This even reveals a calmer side of a god. His demeanor was understood like this.

With the aforementioned in the scene, it can be claimed that Ares has the reputation of unpleasantness as far as war is concerned or talked about. This is true even if he is known as the God of War. Aside from this, despite being the son of Hera and Zeus, he was still deeply loathed by his parents. This was true according to the accounts made by Homer. In contrary to what he was known for, Ares can be coward at some point. This is true as far as wars are talked about. He would respond lightly whenever there is an injury for any sort of outrage. This is another.

There are some sources describing Ares as the lover of Aphrodite. This was the main reason why he would always be condemned by Hephaestus. This was no longer a taboo, nor a secret to the whole Olympians. When it comes to being famous, Ares was never one. This is true both for men and immortals. This was the main reason for his not so widespread and even substantial worship in most Greece. Coming from that of Thrace, his bird will always be seen as his vulture. There was even a time when Ares was imprisoned by these two giants named Epilates and Otus.