Sofia Vergara’s Wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmy Awards was Epic

September 11th, 2017 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Sofia Vergara usually graces the red carpet in a dress where her breasts are somehow exposed. So far, she has not suffered from any wardrobe malfunction in that area. She suffered one though during the Emmy Awards where her green dress popped open in the butt area. Sofia Vergara’s wardrobe malfunction would not have been revealed if not for her Instagram post. She really made fun of that moment.

No one would have known Sofia suffered from a wardrobe malfunction, but she actually tweeted it, including the photo of the ripped dress.

Sofia even made fun of the moment with Ellen after it happened. This is why people just adore Sofia. She can turn terrifying moments into something fun.

Sofia was lucky to have an emergency team who helped her fix her wardrobe when it got ripped just moments before she took the stage to receive an award.

Sofia was seen partying with other stars after the show as if nothing happened. She really handled the moment like a pro.

Sofia also had a wardrobe malfunction moment in Modern Family, but it was scripted this time around. it was a very funny episode though.

It won’t be Sofia Vergara if not for her risky wardrobe choices. She always knows how to wow the crowd in various red carpet appearances.

Obviously, the embarrassing moment didn’t stop Sofia from wearing sexier clothes. She is just one hell of a confident woman!


Although it was the butt area that suffered from wardrobe malfunction during the Emmy’s, it is actually the breast area that is always at risk considering her fashion choices.

When she wore this dress, it was one of those moments when you thought something could go wrong. The design could have easily exposed her breasts.

For some actors, a wardrobe malfunction could be an embarrassing moment, but not for Sofia. She has the ability to turn anything into something we can all laugh about.

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